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What are the characteristics of metal mesh belt

1. Crankshaft mesh belt: Concentrates various benefits of metal wire braided mesh belts, because it has deep curved strings, so that the position of each spiral wire rod can be accurately positioned, so the deformation and extend.

2. Straight shaft type mesh belt: It is formed by the left and right alternating network strips connected by straight string. This series of mesh belts are suitable for carrying lines with small volume and relatively heavy texture.

3. Flat wire mesh belt: This mesh belt is made of rolled flat wire. It is connected with a crankshaft threading bar, so that the position of each spiral wire rod is accurately positioned, so the deformation and extension of the mesh belt are minimized. Its meticulous workmanship, flat appearance, parallel sides, excellent materials, and durability.

4, B-type mesh belt: also known as trapezoidal mesh belt or word net, this mesh belt is usually a gear transmission mesh belt, which has the advantages of good air permeability, uniform tension, and meticulous workmanship. This mesh belt has naive and smooth rotation. Good, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and so on.

5. Herringbone mesh belt: It is made up of left and right alternating network strips connected by four straight strings. The fine weaving technology makes the mesh belt have both high density and fine mesh operation. It has extremely high requirements on materials and weaving technology. high. This mesh belt is suitable for the conveying line of small load.

Metal mesh belt is a friction-driven machine that continues to transport materials. By using it, the material can be formed on a certain conveyor line from the initial feeding point to the final discharging point. It can be used for conveying both broken materials and pieces. In addition to pure material transportation, it can also be matched with the technological requirements in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic flow line. Therefore, metal mesh belts are widely used in various modern industrial enterprises. It is an indispensable tension accessory in active assembly of various industries and contemporary active assembly lines.

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