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How to deal with the failure of the chain conveyor chain

The problems that may occur in the transmission chain are important: failures such as falling out in the slot of the chain plate machine and falling off on the power sprocket. The reason why the conveying chain comes out of the slot of the chain plate machine is as follows:

1, the chain plate conveyor line, the chain plate machine slot floor is not laid flat and straight according to the design requirements, but uneven, excessive bending;

2, the chain plate or chain plate machine groove is tense and worn, so that the gap between the two is too large;

3, the length of the transmission chain on both sides of the chain plate is different, the force is not balanced;

4.The chain plate is deformed and bent excessively to make the chain chain distance smaller;

5. The pre-tension of the conveying chain of the chain plate conveying line is not enough, which causes the stacking of the chain at the tail of the machine, which makes the chain plate easily come out of the groove of the chain plate machine.

And the chain fell off from the power sprocket, the main reason is that:

1. The power sprocket is worn out or infiltrated;

2, the two chains are different in tightness, etc .;

3.The chain plate is skewed, tense or arduous;

4, the machine head is not installed properly, the verticality of the chain and the machine head do not meet the requirements;

5. The excessive clearance between the power sprocket and the drive shaft causes the power sprocket to tilt or shake.

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