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What are the benefits of roller chains

Benefits of roller chains:

1, roller chain useful transmission power

Quine does not slip. Speed ratio is fixed and absolute speed ratio.

2, roller chain obey 98%

Under excellent lubrication, its compliance is commensurate with any load. This obedience is maintained throughout the useful life.

3.Generality of roller chain

It can still be used effectively in harsh environments such as dirty, oil and gas mixture. A single power source can drive multiple shaft outputs at the same time, and the speed can be adjusted by the size of the ratchet gear.

4, roller chain vibration absorption ability

The chain has its own flexibility, and when the oil film is stored in each component, the shaft and motor can be cherished from impact and strain.

5, light weight and small space

The width is narrow, and it can be installed in a very small space, and the unit transmission horsepower takes up less space.

6, roller chain durability

Because the load is shared by many teeth on the ratchet gear, each single gear is under small force to ensure life.

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