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Three reasons why the chain is too tight

(1) I don't understand the maintenance common sense and adjust it by myself, and tighten the chain by mistake. This is a confused concept. I only know that chain adjustment is the scope of maintenance, and I don't know how to adjust it is the precise standard.

(2) Because the chain of the chainring is worn out, but time or economy is not allowed, or the special type of chainring cannot be purchased locally at the time, the chain is tightened to avoid maintaining the vehicle.

(3) When replacing the chain sprocket, the eccentric sprocket was mistakenly installed on the motorcycle, causing the chain to loosen and loose. When checking and adjusting, it happened to be loose at one end and the other end was too tight. No matter which of the above reasons causes the chain to be adjusted too tightly, it will greatly reduce the service life of the chain and the chainring. When the chain is adjusted too tightly, because the contact pressure with the gear plate increases, the chain is easily stretched, the link plate is easily deformed or broken, and the chain roller is also broken. In addition, the toothed disc will be sharpened prematurely due to wear and tear, and will be jagged when tensioned.

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