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What are the advantages of Type B mesh belts over popular mesh belts?

   If you do n’t compare, then you do n’t know the gap, and you do n’t know the difference. Everyone knows the mesh belt. In the mesh belt, there is a type B mesh belt. local? Is it particularly curious?

Under normal circumstances, the type B mesh belt has a longer service life than the popular mesh belt, because our use environment is more complicated, such as high temperature, corrosion and other environments. However, the B-type mesh belt has high temperature resistance and high corrosion resistance, so the B-type mesh belt has a relatively long service life. It is used in the extremely high temperature exceeding 400 degrees Celsius.

    B-type mesh belt is a kind of friction-driven machine for conveying materials in a continuous manner. By using it, materials can not only be formed on a certain conveyor line from the initial feeding point to the final discharging point. Conveying process, and can also transport broken materials. In addition to pure material transport, it can also be matched with the technological process requirements in the production process of each industrial enterprise to form a rhythmic flow line. Conveying of pieces. Therefore, the B-type mesh belt is widely used in every industrial enterprise, and it is an indispensable tension accessory in active assembly of various industries and fields and in the contemporary active assembly line.

    Through the above content, through comparison, we can clearly see where the gap is, and also know where the superiority of the type B network belt compared with the popular network belt.

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