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How to replace the new chain at the old chain response position

For some equipment such as escalators, if the chain and groove are only slightly worn, the chain can be replaced when the old suspension chain is removed.

If any fixed assembly connecting two or more chains is removed, such as: battens, linings, hoppers, etc. (unless sufficient to allow proper spacing between the chains). Then, disconnect the chain at the tensioned end by removing the outer link or connecting the link (if necessary).

Next, you can use the original connecting links (if possible) to fasten the new chain, which is easy to handle, to the old chain. Care should be taken to ensure that the method of the chain is accurate. The new fixture should be connected to the new chain, or the old fixture should be reconnected to ensure that the chain goes through the middle.

Next, you can use the transmission assembly to make the new suspension chain gradually move up and the old chain gradually fall.

When the heart chain has been sent to the conveyor assembly, the next easy-to-handle length can be connected, this time using a new connection chain. At the same time, the old chain can be disconnected from the bottom. Repeat until all chains have been replaced.

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